Winnie The Pooh Eeyore The Angel Of Music's Trip in the TARDIS - Got out a piece of notebook paper and suddenly I...

-Phantom, the Angel from Hell.

-Dipper, the boy who was almost a teen

-Loki, the misunderstood stolen frost giant.

-Once-ler, the "Bad" guy

-The Doctor, The lonely little boy.

-Spencer Reid, the genius.

-Lumiere, the lovestruck candelabra

-Hiccup Haddock, the only viking who wouldn't.

-Castiel, the angel of the lord

-Jack Dawson, the lonely little gentleman

-Hans, the "Nice guy"

-Finnick Odair, the one who loved the mad girl

-James Hook, the pirate

-Simon Seville, the smart one

-Peter Quill, the StarLord

-Dean Winchester, the Hunter

-Ferb Fletcher, the man of action

And me, Marie, the girl who loved them all <3


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